The New Planet Policy
by R. M. Kozan
Planned Release Date: 16 August 2024


Reader's Favorite awarded a 5-Star Seal review, ascribing the novel "Spellbinding plot twists".
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When a mathematically encoded "Hello Other World" message sent by NASA is answered with the unannounced arrival of a hostile fleet of flying saucers, the citizens of Ottawa wonder why their usually placid city has begun to tear itself apart. Are aliens beaming madness into the city?

Ian Hesse is not a lucky man. At least, not anymore. Everything collapses on him: his career, his marriage, his city, his country, and even his planet. He is forced to seek salvation among the stars, far from home and far from lucky.

Humanity must kneel, but it continues to breathe. Meanwhile Ian must endure unending mental experimentation which leaves him confronting his deepest fears. A hopeless situation, or a new beginning?

Unwinding a cosmic chain of rogue powers and trans-galactic malfeasance, it all ends with calm, but is it a prelude to something far worse?

Trade Paperback (203 x 127 mm)
369 pages $24.99/$19.99 (Canada/USA)
ISBN 978-0-9920119-7-0
BISAC: FICO28090 Science Fiction/Alien Contact